Serum ferritin effect on hair loss

Bashir Erhoma, Entisar Elgmat, Bushra Bashir


Background : Low ferritin is considered a possible cause of chronic diffuse hair loss in women. Estimation of serum ferritin is recommended as part of the initial assessment when women present with chronic diffuse hair loss, and iron supplementation therapy is commonly recommended for those found to have low iron stores. 

Objectives: The goal of this study is to determine a relationship between serum ferritin levels with other factors and hair loss activity in healthy women as determined by trichogram. 

Methods : Between june 2014 and june 2015 , 57 women who presented to a dermatologic poly- clinic were assessed for diffuse hair loss of greater than 6 months duration. All women selected to be healthy and underwent biochemical investigations that included serum ferritin, serum iron, CBC, hormonal assay and plug test (trichogram) and clinical evaluation according to Ludwig [13]. 

Results: 57 women with hair loss have been found to be improving when put in iron supply and most of them noted cessation partially as soon as ferritin level became > 30 g/l and to became more obvious the cessation as the ferritin serum increased. Cessation or reversal of hair loss was seen in of these women. 

Conclusions : there isstatistically significantdirect relationship were bservedbetween low serum ferritin and hair loss activity .The usefulness of serum ferritin in the routine investigation of women with chronic diffuse hair loss is so obvious , as is the role of iron supplementation therapy in the management of hair loss.
Key words: anaemia, chronic hair loss, ferritin, telogen effluvium , trichogram

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